List of Performance Upgrades for Your Acura

Most people are lost when it comes to car upgrades, even though they might have certain needs that they want fulfilled. If you are an Acura owner and have no idea how to make your vehicle speed up, you have come to the right place! There are numerous aftermarket replacement options that you can follow, although you need to know the limitations of these modifications. Do not make your car handle more heat than it should!

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Replacing the Stock ECU:

You could replace the stock ECU, for best results. Even though some people might like to remap the stock ECU, experts believe in aftermarket products for Acura, as their stock ECU has certain limitations that are difficult to overcome. Replacing your stock ECU will provide instant performance gains that can be felt at once! This is a cheap modification that can be combined with various other upgrades too, for best results!

acura performance-01Engine Upgrades:

You car’s engine block is the primary source of power displacement. Hence, make sure to keep it in working condition. An upgraded engine block is often required, to displace greater amounts of power than the stock Acura engine block. You can have it replaced with a larger alternative, although make sure to replace the other recommended parts too, for best results.

Aftermarket Exhaust Kit:

An exhaust kit is not just used for enhancing the engine note. Its primary function is to bring out the exhaust fumes from the engine block, as well as generate sufficient force, to pump in cold air from the surrounding to a turbo charger. A free flow exhaust system is capable of adding a healthy 25 – 30 BHP to your Acura, even though you might choose a slip on kit, for adding aesthetic value only.

acura fuel injector upgrade-04Importance of Fuel Injectors:

Your engine’s fuel requirements are met by fuel injectors that operate according to ECU settings. Make sure these fulfill every criteria laid out by your engine manufacturer. Fuel injectors pump in fuel to the piston head, which in turn is used to generate power for your car. If the fuel is not transferred in correct proportions or pressure, your engine block will suffer which could result in the need for replacement.

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Why Upgrade The Stock Suspension Kit?

Power generated by the engine is transferred to the axle, which is connected to the suspension system on your car. In short, your Acura is resting on stock suspension, which needs to be replaced with more durable and adjustable aftermarket springs, for best results. Your car’s performance will not increase, if power is unable to reach the wheels in the proper ratio. Lowered springs help reduce Center of Gravity and ride height, which in turn enhance traction, while reducing body roll. This is an important point to consider, around sharp corners.

acura turbo modifications-01A Larger Turbo Charger Always Comes in Handy!

Finally, your vehicle needs a turbo charger, in order to maximize performance. You could opt for a naturally aspirated engine block, although it would result in less fuel efficiency. A turbo charger is fairly important for people living in harsh climatic conditions and is not just a performance enhancing tool. Once you get these listed down, you should start working right away!